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May 4th, 2009

09:10 pm: All done school for now! Well, till September. I can't wait to actually take nursing. Life is good. Work got better. Our new boss is insane but we get to talk to HR on Wednesday.

I volunteered for Island Kids. It is a hard reduction group that goes to raves on Vancouver Island. We give our unbiased info on drugs and test pills. We can test if there is MDMA or MDMA like substances, speed or DXM.. Can;t say how strong it is though. I did my first shift a couple weeks ago. It was fun.

I met this random guy Shane who was friends with the guy helping me. He gave us all hugs everytime he came in the room.

March 19th, 2009

10:04 pm: Weee!
Been awhile since I posted! I have been doing very well. I am liking my job more and doing better with my math.. I just need to get through this and some science. Then I'm going on to do nursing.

I don't really have anything too exciting to say.

I do get to see UTAH SAINTS play a DJ set tomorrow night. This is both odd and exciting for me!

November 2nd, 2007

02:00 pm: DEAR KATRINA
I read your post
Let's hang out soon!!

August 16th, 2007

10:10 am: Last night was amazing!!
I had one of THE BEST BIRTHDAYS in year...

I could not have asked for anything better. THe potluck was so much fun. Lots of yummy food... Got into an icing fight. That was awesome. The jungle room was so great! I did not need to buy any drinks all night.. My friends took care of me when I got all emo...

Just a really great night!

August 11th, 2007

01:10 pm: IN FOUR DAYS I am going to be 22! I am not sure if I am happy with where I am.
I thought by now I would have gone to college...and be done by now. I guess my life was not meant to go that way.

Anyways I am having a potluck at my house then a night at the Jungle Room in Victoria. It should be fun

July 27th, 2007

11:11 pm: I moved!
The move went REALLY WELL. I already live Victoria. I live near Swan Lake. I took a walk around the trails. There are still more to explore. I love my new house as well.

Soundwave was even more amazing than last year.. I think is because I know more people and have been in this "rave scene" a lot longer now. A lot of my friends got to play. The Thursday before, my brother got to play for 4 hours! I MISSED IT ALL.. The power was out when Ivorne and I walked by. What are the chances? The people dressed gorillas were there again. The venue is amazing! I will try yo put some pictures on here soon.

The new job is alright! I don't want to work in a call center my whole life but this place will be fine until I find something better!

July 4th, 2007

11:33 pm: TWO MORE DAYS AT MY JOB! this is HUGE

Soundwave is in a week. For those that do not know: THREE DAY PARTY ON THE BEACH. What can get better than that? A lot of friends are going this year. I went last year and had a blas.

Moving in three weeeks.
Rainbow street!

Canada day was fun. Watched fireworks with Chelsea and Sam!

I wish I had more to say. Life is so busy and I still have nothing to talk about!

June 5th, 2007

12:33 am: I have a place in Victoria now! It is a cute little suite on RAINBOW STREET. That's right, I am going to live on Rainbow Street. I really like the area. THere is a little path that goes to a lake about 5 minutes away. It is near the buses and I can bring my cat!

April 23rd, 2007

10:42 pm: Great Weekend
Saturday I went to see the Freestylers! They were fucking amazing! I danced almost the whole time. Sunday was a lot of fun. I went and drank with Cedar at Hugo's

I also did got a lot of time on my tables. I am getting so much better! I seriously cannot wait to get to play in front of people.

I wish I had more to write but I don't...

April 4th, 2007

10:18 pm: Long time no post! I have bene doing pretty well. I am still just working and raving. Also on April 21st I will be seenig the freestylers!! For those that do not know I have been learning to DJ. I lov eit so much and am happy I found something like it.

April 14 Will be one year since my first rave. It has been a lot of fun. I will have to tone down soon beause I really want to go to school again. I don't have money though. I don't want to do another loan. I regret not being able to do it the first time around. I am over all the bad shit going on at that time in my life though.



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